The World's Best Hybrid Hoodie

We've taken the Comfort of a hoodie and Warmth of a jacket, crossed them into the Fortress Hybrid Hoodie. Comfortable from -5F to 70F.

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The World's Best Hybrid Hoodie

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(See the FAQ's section at the bottom of the page for commonly asked questions.)

When we started Fortress, we developed a new garment insulation for cold weather clothing. 

For the past four years we have focused on the industrial worker; men and women who have to work in extreme cold weather (down to -40°F). So, our entire focus was on function, keeping people warm and it worked and continues to work very well!

But what about you, those of you who don't live and work in extreme cold conditions? How could you take advantage of this awesome technology without thinking that you had to be in sub-zero conditions to enjoy it?

Well, now you can! We've scaled back our technology (really reined it in!). We made it thinner, lighter, and more versatile to create an everyday, light-weight, insulated hoodie that will keep you comfortable and warm throughout an incredible temperature range!

Watch the video below as we test the Hybrid Hoodie in the prototype stage in extreme conditions.


From the experience of our beta testers and our own experience we found that most people can wear this hoodie comfortably across a nearly 70 degree temperature range. The results were different for each person because not everyone experiences cold in the same way.  And these were the primary factors: 

  • Hydration Level,
  • Body Type, and
  • Your Activity Level

There are three principles at the forefront of why our system works so well: 

  • Stop the Wind,
  • Retain Body Heat,
  • Evacuate Moisture (sweat)

1 - Stop the Wind

Wind can be your enemy.  If allowed to, it can suck that warm, yummy heat away from you leaving you shivering and miserable.

The outer fabric we use is tightly woven to be wind resistant, allowing that heat you've spent energy creating to stay with you and keep you warm.

2 - Retain Body Heat

Our proprietary insulation was created to retain its architectural structure (even when wet) maintaining the dead air space that make insulation work. This is our SECRET SAUCE!

3 - Evacuate Moisture (sweat)

We take advantage of the second law of thermodynamics which states:

"When two initially isolated systems in separate but nearby regions of space, each in thermodynamic equilibrium with itself but not necessarily with each other, are then allowed to interact, they will eventually reach a mutual thermodynamic equilibrium. The sum of the entropies of the initially isolated systems is less than or equal to the total entropy of the final combination. Equality occurs just when the two original systems have all their respective intensive variables (temperature, pressure) equal; then the final system also has the same values."

Simply stated, "Moisture moves away from heat, as long as it's not obstructed".

Because your body is continually producing heat, there is a constant flow or current from your body to the outside environment (assuming the outside environment is colder and drier).  This flow carries moisture away from your body.

Most other insulation materials used in cold weather clothing collect moisture, reducing the ability of the insulation to do it's job effectively, and is covered by a waterproof layer.

Our insulation, because of its structure, creates a clear path for moisture evacuation without buildup while retaining your body's heat.

By taking advantage of and working with these three critical principles, we are able to do what you see in these videos with nothing more than our own body heat.


The purpose of these ice plunges is to demonstrate that our technology can handle even complete saturation (should you actually sweat that much!).

So, why would we do a crowdfunding campaign for this product? 

Traditionally, companies invest large amounts of capital ($$) doing research, building inventory, and then marketing the product. We are not traditional, as you can tell from our products. And crowdfunding is still a fairly non-traditional means of producing a product. This campaign is a way for us to target and determine the market demand for colors and sizes with our new model.

You tell us what that demand is by selecting a pledge, answering the after campaign survey, and spreading the word through your circles of influence so they can help us, too!  In return we offer this amazing product to you at a great price.


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